We specialize in assisting international clients in their construction projects on Koh Samui and have been active in real estate development and construction for more than 30 years in France, abroad and on Koh Samui. We know how difficult it is for a foreigner to find and choose a serious general constructor offering them all the guarantees for success in their project.

Based on this observation, we have created an exclusive dedicated service: the “SERENITY” service in the form of a global support plan; allowing our clients to achieve the delivery of their villa with complete security and the best conditions, as quickly as possible.

This comprehensive “SERENITY” support plan includes three phases during which we provide you with continuous, step-by-step support:

1) Preparatory phase :

– After welcoming you, we proceed with the analysis of your ambitions and define the basis of your project.
– Visiting and acquiring your land (if you do not yet own a plot of land).
– Overseeing the ongoing construction sites and completed villas.
– We provide a direct link with our former customers.
– Drafting and calculation of the preliminary costs of the project.

2) Project development:

– Discussion, elaboration and finalization of the elements relating to the future construction.
– Creation of the plans by the architect.
– Validation and/or modification of the plans by the client.
– Cost estimate.
– Approval of the cost estimation and signature of the construction contract.
– We create and submit the building permit.
– Definition of the technical specifications (with an engineer).
– Selection of materials (tiles, earthenware, etc…) and paint colors.
– Obtaining the construction permit.

3) Implementation phase:

– Ongoing monitoring of the site along with the site manager, the structural engineer and the architect.
– Regular reports by email (with photos) for customers not residing in Koh Samui during the construction         period (10 – 12 months).
– Hand-over of the site.

We are personally involved in our clients’ projects, because for us, a relationship of trust requires a personal relationship.
We pay particular attention to our clients, which is why we continue to assist them if they so wish after the reception of their villa for everything concerning:

– The interior and exterior layout of their villa.
– The insurance of the villa
– Obtaining the rental license (for customers wishing to rent their property).
– Landscaping of the garden.
– The implementation of a maintenance service (swimming pool, garden, cleaning…).
– The management of the villa in case of rental.
– And so on…


– Clear and straightforward quotes.
– Delivery times respected.
– An impeccable finish.
– A clear payment plan, divided into instalments according to the progress of the project.
– An excellent quality/price ratio.
– Constructed to European Standards.


– A professional team.
– A relationship of trust.
– Step-by-step support.
– Ongoing assistance.
– Payments may be made in installments