Regulation on the constructability of land on Koh Samui

As usual, before starting your construction you will need to obtain a building permit from the competent authorities (45 days of instruction; there is no third party appeal or administrative appeal in Thailand).

As soon as you obtain your permit, you will be able to start building your villa.

In terms of urban planning, the regulations essentially take two factors into account:

The distance between your property and the beach and its altitude.

  • Distance between your property and the beach

Area 1: less than 10 m from the beach: construction prohibited

Area 2: Land located less than 50 m from the beach can be built for a maximum area of 75 m2 with a roof height of less than 6 meters. In any case, the construction can only be built on one level.

Area 3: The land located in the strip of land between 50 and 200 m from the beach can be built for a maximum area of 2,000 m2 (for each building) and an included roof height of 12 m.

Area 4: Beyond this 200 m strip, there are no constructability restrictions except for the 12 m ceiling for the height of the buildings.

  • Altitude of your land

The land below 80 meters in altitude:

Except for hotels, resorts or residential facilities with more than 10 units, there are no restrictions.

Lands located between 80 and 140 m above sea level:

Provided that your land has a minimum surface area of 400 m2, you can build a villa of a maximum of 100 m2 (or more: in this case it will be necessary to build several buildings with a maximum unit surface area of 100 m2) with a footprint not exceeding 50% of the total surface area of the land; the rest of the land must remain in green space.

The height of the construction will be limited to 6 meters, the roof will have to cover a minimum of 80% of the construction and the roof color will have to blend into nature.

In addition, a drainage system will have to be put in place in order to avoid flooding phenomena.


Land located at an altitude of more than 140 m:

For these plots, the general conditions are identical to those of level 2, but the maximum surface area of each of the buildings will be limited to 90 m2